Our Mission

To inspire change, to equip those ready to serve in the mission field, to enable missionaries around the world to better work for God, and to mobilize people and resources to many mission projects around the world in conjunction with the Seventh-day Adventist Church and its supporting ministries.

Our Vision

Every Moses project and volunteer is an active beacon bringing light to the darkest places of the world in preparation for the coming of our Savior.

The Board

Jeff Sutton

Jeff has been serving in the mission field for 20 years as a pilot, high school director, builder, and project coordinator. For the past 12 years he has founded and established the MOVE training center, which is a supporting ministry to the Belize Union of Seventh-day Adventists. He has a wife and three children, all of which have been born while serving in the mission field. Jeff studied theology at Southern Adventist University.

Keila Valenzuela

Keila has been a missionary for 17 years. She served 4 years in Bolivia, but has since been in Belize as the Director of MOVE. She studied to be a teacher at the Adventist University in Mexico, Montemorelos and has a huge passion for children and educating future missionaries. Her Dad also was a Pastor in Mexico before he died.

Nathanael Griesert

Nathanael Griesert has a passion for the mission field and has been serving there full time since 2019 after leaving his career as an electrical engineer in the semiconductor industry. With his wife and children he's been able to help with many projects in the mission field and has lead out with our aviation and pioneering projects. Nathanael is a pilot, A&P, and also teaches mechanics at the MOVE training center. He's grown up in the Adventist Church and has a passion for evangelism in the local community.

Gary Roberts

Gary Roberts grew up in the mission field and has served in a vast number of different countries. He is a pilot and a nurse which comes in very handy. Currently he is a missionary leading Adventist Aviation-Indonesia. He has accomplished some amazing feats, by flying baby elephants and flying across the world, but he's also made some huge sacrifices by losing both his dad and his son to the mission field.

Perry Karges

Perry is a man of many trades and many stories. As a young man he fought in Vietnam, but as he's matured he has become a soldier for the Lord. Helping in many different countries Perry has sacrificed as much as he can and shared with as many as he can so that the work being done in the mission field can happen. He's a humble farm man who wants all to know the love of God.